Workout: 2x vs 3x

How many times should you work out a week? I’ve seen so many differing opinions on this, so I’ll share my experience.

I had gotten into the 2x weekly routine. Hard workout, ache and creak until the next. Of course, the great team at Precision Athlete┬áhas always encouraged me to do recovery workouts (basically, some movement) on the alternate days. But have I listened…? Not enough.

Last week I made a jump to 3 workouts, and I’m on my 2nd of 3 this week. I have to say that I feel great. Overall solid, and no aches and pains that come with the hard workout followed by several days off.

I heard Martha Stewart — yes, I listen — say that she works out an hour every day, and at the time I thought, “She’s crazy.” But I get it now: MOVE EVERY DAY. It pays off.

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